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Paul Ellis, Stone Carver & Mason.

For the past 32 years, it has been my pleasure to practice the craft of stone-masonry and the art of carving stone.

I have been fortunate and privileged enough to work on many historical buildings across the United Kingdom, continually learning and sharing with many fine craftspeople along the way. This has included over 21 years spent working in 3 cathedral workshops, as well as 10 years employment for a number of commercial stone companies.

My CV consists of the work I have produced during my career, as seen in the pictures provided here on my website. Full details of my CV are available on request.

Because of the passion I have for my profession and the enjoyment and satisfaction it brings, I can honestly say that “I love my work and consider it to be more a joy than a job.”

The medieval carver drew inspiration for his work through his faith, the world and people around him. But most of all, through his imagination, he carved and brought to life the buildings he worked on. In that same tradition, all of my carvings have a tale behind them which I am enthusiastic to share with others. I am often asked, and happy to give talks about my work.

I hope you enjoy viewing my website. Should you need my skills or services, I look forward to hearing from you.